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Finally! How To Transform Your Meeting Room To Hybrid Video Conferencing Room In Two Hours With Zoom Rooms Without Interfering With Your Current Set Up At Your Workplaces... Guaranteed!

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Finally…A Quick & Easy Way For You To Transform Your Meeting Room To Hybrid Video Conferencing Room!

  • Are you sick of seeing your team members going through a presentation or meeting from one laptop?
  • Do you have untidy cables connected to your laptops and other devices coming out in your conference rooms? It makes your room look very untidy and messy.
  • Are you still using projectors for your meetings & presentations? They require a dark room, have poor video resolution, are costly to maintain replacing the bulbs and require a separate audio system to function?
  • Are you still advertising and putting out messages to your teams and clients at your workplace on signboards? They are costly in printing out the messages, they cannot be moved easily, outdated, a lot of manual work involved, and most people even don’t pay attention looking at them?
  • Are you still using paper flip charts or whiteboards for your brainstorming sessions? They are hard to read, can only be used in small meetings, cannot save notes for future reference, can easily tear or rub, cannot be shared digitally, and cannot be printed instantly?
  • Are you still working with traditional older complex hardware solutions that don’t work with each other? You have one for video, one for audio, one for conference calls, one for wireless presentation and a different solution on your desktops. None connect to each other; your employees hate it and so how do you solve all these problems with one solution?